5 Luxury Travel Methods: Efficiency & Affordability Tips

    Luxury travel is notoriously expensive, and we've come to believe that these exclusive experiences available only to certain people. However, luxury travel is more in reach than ...
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    How Does SharedCharter work?

    Why Share a Charter? Most of today’s modern jets have a minimum of 6 seats. Many have 8 or more. This usually means that there are empty seats on most jet charters. We think it's ...
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    What goes into the cost of a private jet rental?

    There used to be a time when flying a private jet was a privilege only reserved for the ultrarich, the famous, and the elites – but not anymore. Today, more people are opting for ...
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    Everything You Need to Know about Private Jet Rentals

    Chartering your own private jet has some distinct advantages; even more than flying first class on a commercial flight. The most important benefit and the greatest difference is ...
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